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Alan Govenar "Stoney Knows How (My Life As A Sideshow Tattoo Artist)"

Albert L. Morse "The Tattooists"

Don Ed Hardy (Ed.) "Sailor Jerry Collins: American Tattoo Master (In His Own Words)"

Fabio Paleari "The Leu Family's Family Iron"

George Burchett "Memoirs Of A Tattooist"

Grime "Two-Year Autopsy"

Herbert Hoffmann "Bilderbuch Menschen - Tätowierte Passionen von 1878 - 1952"

Horitaka "Tattooing From Japan To The West. Horitaka Interviews Contemporary Artists"

John Wyatt "Under My Skin"

Ron Ackers "My Life As A Tattoo Artist In The 20th Century"

Samuel M. Steward (aka Phil Sparrow) & Phil Andros "Bad Boys And Tough Tattoos - A Social History Of The Tattoo With Gangs, Sailors And Street-Corner Punks"

Sergei Vasiljev "Zone" (2)

Steve Bonge "Marked for Life"

V. Vale & Andrea Juno "Re/Search #12 - Modern Primitives"

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