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If you are interested in or a collector of rare Tattoo Books,
hard to find Japanese Tattoo Magazines and highly collect-
able Tattoo Flash - then you have found a like minded

I am a one man operation, doing this out of my love and
passion for tattooing. My hunter-gatherer instinct does
also come into play, I guess...

For years now I have been collecting tattoo books, tattoo
and other tattoo-related publications. Accu-
mulating knowledge, establishing partnerships, develo-
ping strategies to hunt things down, and often provided
friends with stuff they had long been after.

As far as new tattoo books are concerned, I cannot pos-
sibly compete with the likes of Amazon. Therefore I have
teamed up with them and am offering links to their site.
If you do buy from them, I would be grateful if you do so
by clicking a link on one of my pages, because that way
you support me and contribute towards my being able to
maintain this tattoo site. Those tattoo book and maga-
zine reviews don't write themselves... Neither is my web-
host a charity... (The only excuse I will for now accept for
using my free service but not following my links for your
purchases, is that you support your small local bookshop

If you have any questions, you can contact me by using
the Contact Form. Do not even try to locate my email ad-
dress - I do not make it public, so it is also kept from the
eyes of those evil spammers' webcrawling robots. I have
to hit "delete" way too often already...

If you want to support this site, feel free to donate! Fol-
low this link:

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