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Augustine Anggat Canjing "Basic Iban Design" (exclusive!) $ 48.40 / Euro 40

Danzig Baldajev "Russian Prison Tattoos" (4) (exclusive!) $ 85 / Euro 70

D. L. Umemoto & J. Listopad "Tattooed Charms Sawatdee" (5) (exclusive!) $ 31.50 / Euro 26

George Burchett (w/Peter Leighton) "Memoirs of a Tattooist" price upon request

Jeroen Franken & Sven Torfinn "Pantang Iban" price upon request

Sergei Vasiljev "Zone" (2) price upon request

Sharon Thomas "Women's Tattoos Of The Upper Rajang" (exclusive!) price upon request

Spider Webb "Heavily Tattooed Men & Women" (Original Issue) price upon request

Spider Webb "Pushing Ink" (Original Issue) price upon request

Stephan Oettermann "Christian Warlich: Tätowiervorlagen" price upon request

Steve Kurzman "Pantang Iban: A Description And Analysis Of Iban Tattooing" (exclusive!) - price upon request

W. R. van Gulik "Irezumi. The Pattern Of Dermatography In Japan" price upon request

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