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Japan has an incredible magazine culture. Walk into any Japanese book-
shop with a magazine section - it's mind boggling.

The tattoo magazine market is quickly catching up. Despite the still preva-
lent view in Japan that tattooing is not an art form but the sign of a crimi-
nal. Several new and one-off magazines have been launched over the
past few years.

I currently offer the following Japanese Tattoo Magazines:

"Tattoo ai"

"Tattoo Burst" (bi-monthly)

"Tattoo Tribal" (monthly)

"Tattoo The Life" (monthly)

" Tattoo Girls"

These mags are 28 US Dollars each. I sometimes have reservations myself
about spending this much cash on just one magazine, but 1. I feel they are
worth it, and 2. if you are a working artist, find inspiration for just one single
piece - that is your costs covered, and then some... BTW: even if you mana-
ge to subscribe directly from the publishers (which means you need to speak
or write Japanese) - including shipping and handling, you would most likely
pay just as much, or even more, than what you pay here.

I also have copies of the following one-off Japanese tattoo magazines:

"1st Tattoo" (Ed.: Tattoo Burst)

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