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A one-off magazine - I thought. But was pro-
ved wrong. Started appearing on a regular
(quarterly) basis. Still: more of a fashion than
a tattoo magazine really.

Some info on the March 2004 issue should give
you an idea of what to expect:

Some stuff about temporary tattoos (I hate!),
a bit of not exactly useful flash, a nice jewellery
feature, a tattoo shop directory... plus plenty
of sexy girls. Some guys too - but not sexy (in
my straight eyes anyways).

Not sure whether I can recommend this mag...
I love Japanese girls, so I am biased... because
there is plenty for me to look at... despite the
fact that some of the models are adorned with
painted-on designs only... ;-)

Not much to read, by the way, since it is all in

Tattoo Girls - Japanese Tattoo Magazine Review

March 2004 Issue
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