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Alan Govenar "Stoney Knows How (My Life As A Sideshow Tattoo Artist)"

Albert Parry "Tattoo - The Secrets Of A Strange Art"

Alix Lambert "Russian Prison Tattoos"

Danzig Baldajev & Sergei Vasiljev "Az Orosz Tolvajvilag Es Müvészete"

Danzig Baldajev "Russian Prison Tattoos" (4)

Danzig Baldayev "Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopedia"

Don Ed Hardy (Ed.) "Rocks Of Ages"

Don Ed Hardy (Ed.) "Sailor Jerry Collins: American Tattoo Master (In His Own Words)"

Diane L. Umemoto & John Listopad "Tattooed Charms Sawatdee" (5)

Florence Rome "The Tattooed Men - An American Woman Reports On The Japanese Criminal Underworld"

Hardy Marks Publications "Flash From The Past (Classic American Tattoo Designs 1890 - 1965)"

Herbert Hoffmann "Motivtafeln" (2)

Jeff Jaguer "The Tattoo - A Pictorial History"

Jérôme Pierrat & Eric Guillon "Les Hommes Illustrés - Le Tatouage Des Origines à Nos Jours" (3)

John Hoskin & Jean-Léo Dugast "The Supernatural In Thai Life"

Kate Hellenbrand "Sailor Jerry's Tattoo Stencils Volume One"

Kate Hellenbrand "Sailor Jerry's Tattoo Stencils Volume Two"

Madame Chinchilla "Electric Tattooing By Men 1900 - 2004 Volume 1"

Madame Chinchilla "Electric Tattooing By Women 1900 - 2002"

Madame Chinchilla "Stewed, Screwed & Tattooed"

Margot Mifflin "Bodies Of Subversion - A Secret History Of Women And Tattoo"

Michael McCabe "New York City Tattoo - The Oral History Of An Urban Art"

Michael McCabe "Tattooing New York City - Style And Continuity In A Changing Art Form"

Michael McCabe "Tattoos Of Indochina - Magic, Devotion & Protection"

Sergei Vasiljev & Danzig Baldajev "Az Orosz Tolvajvilag Es Müvészete"

Spider Webb "Heavily Tattooed Men & Women"

Spider Webb "Heavily Tattooed Men & Women" (Reprint)

Spider Webb "Historic Flash"

Spider Webb "Military Flash"

Spider Webb "Pushing Ink"

Spider Webb "Pushing Ink" (Reprint)

Spider Webb "Tattooed Women"

Spider Webb "Tattooed Women" (Reprint)

Spider Webb "The Big Book Of Tattoo"

Spider Webb "The Great Book Of Tattoo"

Stephan Oettermann "Christian Warlich - Tätowierungen" (2)

Steve Gilbert "Tattoo History - A Source Book"

Tony Lawrence "A Tattoo Is For Life: A Sociological Study Of The Changing Significance Of Tattoos"

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