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Alfred Gell "Wrapping In Images: Tattooing In Polynesia"

Alan Taylor "Polynesian Tattooing"

Anne Nicholas & Nigel Cox "The Art Of The New Zealand Tattoo"

Augustine Anggat Canjing "Basic Iban Design"

Bob Baxter "Tattoo Road Trip: Two Weeks in Samoa"

British Museum Press (Ed.: D. C. Starzecka) "Maori Art & Culture"

Carl Marquardt "Die Tätowirung Beider Geschlechter In Samoa" (2)

Carl Marquardt "The Tattooing Of Both Sexes In Samoa"

D. R. Simmons "Ta Moko. The Art Of Maori Tattoo"

Fritz Trupp & Robert Schmid "Tribal Asia"

Gian Paolo Barbieri "Tahiti Tattoos"

Hans Neleman "Moko. Maori Tattoo"

Jeroen Franken & Sven Torfinn "Pantang Iban"

Jörg 'Monte' Klein "Mana - Geheimnisse Der Marquesischen Tätowierung" (2)

Lim Poh Chiang "Among The Dayaks"

Lisa Taouma & Mark Adams "Tatau - Pe'a Photographs. Measina Samoa, Stories Of The Malu"

Major-General Robley "Moko - Or Maori Tattooing"

Mark Blackburn "Tattoos From Paradise - Traditonal Polynesian Patterns"

Michael King & Marti Friedlander: Moko - Maori Tattooing In The 20th Century"

Patricia Steur & Gordon Toi Hatfield "Dedicated By Blood - Whakautu Ki Te Toto, Renaissance Of Ta Moko"

Pepin Press "Ethnic Jewellery From Africa, Asia & Pacific Islands"

P. F. Kwiatkowski & Tom O'o Mehau "The Hawaiian Tattoo"

Sharon Thomas "Women's Tattoos Of The Upper Rajang"

Steve Kurzman "Pantang Iban - A Description And Analysis Of Iban Tattooing"

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