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Alex Kerr "Dogs And Demons - Tales From The Dark Side Of Japan"

Alfred C. Haddon & Laura E. Start "Iban Or Sea Dayak Fabrics And Their Patterns"

Charles Alfred Speed Williams "Chinese Symbolism And Art Motifs"

Chris Rainier & Meg Taylor "Where Masks Still Dance - New Guinea"

F. Hadland Davis "Myths And Legends Of Japan"

John Stevens "Sacred Calligraphy of the East"

ManWoman "The Gentle Swastika"

Matsuya "Japanese Design Motifs - 4260 Illustrations Of Heraldic Crests"

Robert Beer "The Encyclopedia Of Tibetan Symbols And Motifs"

Robert Beer "The Handbook Of Tibetan Symbols"

Tao Tao Liu Sanders "Dragons, Gods & Spirits From Chinese Mythology"

Thomas Wilson "Swastika - Earliest Known Symbol And Its Migrations" (Reprint)

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