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Andy Cooper & Chris Wroblewski "Tattoo Art - Tätowierte Frauen / Skin Fantasies On Tattooed Women"

Bob Baxter "Tattoo Road Trip: The Pacific Northwest"

Bob Baxter "Tattoo Road Trip: California Cover Girls"

Bob Baxter "Tattoo Road Trip: Southern California"

Charles Gatewood "Badlands"

Chris Wroblewski "Skin Shows I"

Chris Wroblewski "Skin Shows II: Art Tattoo"

Chris Wroblewski "Skin Shows III: The Art Of Tattoo"

Chris Wroblewski "Skin Shows IV"

Chris Wroblewski "Skin Shows V"

Chris Wroblewski "Skin Shows 6"

Chris Wroblewski "Skin Shows. The Tattoo Bible"

Chris Wroblewski "Tattooed Women Two"

Diane K. Stevenson "Coloring The Human Canvas: Tattoos"

Don Ed Hardy "Eye Tattooed America"

Don Ed Hardy "Forever Yes"

Don Ed Hardy "Permanent Curios"

Don Ed Hardy (Ed.) "Pierced Hearts And True Love"

Don Ed Hardy "Tattooing The Invisible Man"

Don Ed Hardy (Ed.) "Tattootime 1: New Tribalism"

Don Ed Hardy (Ed.) "Tattootime 2: Tattoo Magic"

Don Ed Hardy (Ed.) "Tattootime 3: Music & Sea Tattoos"

Don Ed Hardy (Ed.) "Tattootime 4: Life And Death Tattoos"

Don Ed Hardy (Ed.) "Tattootime 5: Art From The Heart"

Don Ed Hardy (Ed.) "The Main Stream Of Underground" (1)

Dr. R. Zeller & Dr. E. Metzger "Die Tatauierung (Ciba Zeitschrift Nr. 86 Band 8 - 1957)" (2)

Earl Thompson "Tattoo"

Frances E. Mascia-Lees & Patricia Sharpe (Ed.) "Tattoo, Torture, Mutilation, And Adornment. The Denaturalization Of The Body In Culture And Text."

Gabriele Hofmann "Alles über Tattoos. Von Der Motivwahl Bis Zur Fertigen Tätowierung" (2)

Gippi Rondinella "The Sign Upon Cain. An Overview Of The Controversial Art Of Tattooing"

H.R. Giger ""

Henk Schiffmacher (aka Hanky Panky) "1000 Tattoos"

Henk Schiffmacher (aka Hanky Panky) "1000 Tattoos" (Japanese Edition) (1)

Henk Schiffmacher (aka Hanky Panky) "True Love - Tattoos"

Henry Ferguson & Lynn Procter "Tattoo - Ritual, Art, Fashion"

Henry Ferguson & Lynn Procter "Tattoo - Ritual, Kunst, Mode" (2)

Huck Spaulding "Tattooing A To Z - A Guide To Successful Tattooing"

Karl Gröning "Geschmückte Haut - Eine Kulturgeschichte Der Körperkunst" (2)

Marcel Feige "Das Tattoo- Und Piercing-Lexikon - Kult Und Kultur Der Körperkunst" (2)

Matthew Amey "Skull Reference"

Matthew Amey "Tools Of The Trade - A Guide To Making Needles..."

Michelle Delio "Tattoo - The Exotic Art Of Skin Decoration"

Miki Vialetto (Ed.) / Tattoo Life "Flash - The Art of the Mark"

Sailor Jerry (Ed.: Hardy / Malone) "Sailor Jerry Tattoo Flash"

Sailor Jerry (Ed.: Don Ed Hardy) "Sailor Jerry Tattoo Flash Volume 2"

Sonny Barger / Andrew Shaylor "Hells Angels Motorcycle Club"

Spider Webb "Butterfly Flash"

Terisa Green & Greg James "The Tattoo Encyclopedia (A Guide To Choosing your Tattoo)"

Tim O'Sullivan "Exposé. The Art Of Tattoo"

Tony Cohen (with Geoff Gaylard & Christopher Wright) "The Tattoo"

Victoria Lautman "The New Tattoo"

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