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The very first issue of this brand new Japanese Tattoo Magazine
is a special on "Attractive Lady's" (their spelling). And yes, attrac-
tive they are - very much so!

As in all Japanese tattoo mags: lots and lots of quality photo-
graphs. Mainly girls with one-point tattoos, some big work too,
but no Japanese style bodysuits. Plenty of guys also, plus some
tattooed celebs: Angelina Jolie, ultra-sexy Gwen (No Doubt), and
some other nice ladies.

The photographs for the first section of the magazine were taken
on the streets in Japan - it is amazing to see just how important
fashion is there, and how stylish the chicks are! This section is
very nicely done: shot of the attractive lady, plus detail shots of
her tattoos.

Of interest to some European readers might be the Arnhem
(Holland) Convention report.

P.S.: Japanese language only.

Tattoo ai - Japanese Tattoo Magazine Review

November 2003 Issue
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