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If you found something in the Shop that you would like to order,
or want me to help you track something down - let me know via
the Contact Form. As a general guideline, let me add:

--> Magazines:

The one-off issues (e.g. "Tattoo Girl") I usually have in stock.
The current issues of all the Japanese ones I sell on a first come
first serve basis. I buy some stock, but only limited quantities.

--> Books:

The ones that are marked "Exclusive" are new copies, therefore
I normally have them in stock. All others are 2nd hand copies of
very good but also rare and hard to find titles; I buy copies of
them whenever I come across one, because I know how tricky
it can be to find them. Therefore I sometimes have one or two
for sale, at other times none. If you are interested in one of
them - or looking for something else that is not even listed! -
let me know via the Contact Form! I will do my best to make
you happy...
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