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Adrian Lee & Co.: (Tattoo & Art)
Angelique: (A must-see! Check out her work!)
Bob Tyrrell: (USA)
Bod Mod: (Some cool old pics: circus, etc.)
Captain Don Leslie: (Sideshow Legend!, US of A)
Don Ed Hardy: (Books, Flash, Art, Clothing)
Erik Rieth: (USA)
Fiona Long: (Sheffield / UK)
George Campise: (San Francisco, USA)
Grime: (Art Work Rebels SF)
Hanky Panky: (Retired Tattoo Artist)
Horiyoshi III: horiyoshi III ('Nuff said)
Horiyoshi III's Wanzakure: (Video & Book)
Horitomo: horitomo (Horiyoshi III Family)
Horitoshi: (Japan)
Jason Kundell: (now in Spain!)
Jacqueline: (Lucerne / Switzerland)
Juan Puente: (Great Tattoos, Photographs & more!)
Luke Atkinson: (Germany)
Lyle Tuttle: (Tattoo Pope)
Martin Giesinger: (Austria)
Matthew Amey: (Tattoos / Art / Photography, USA)
Memoria Pulp: (Publishing Company / Herbert Hoffmann)
Mike Rubendall: (New York)
New Skool Tattoo: (USA)
New York Adorned: (NY)
Nathalie Verdon: (Switzerland, check the pix!)
Nick Baxter: (USA)
Nihon Shuppansha: (Publisher of Horiyoshi III books)
Paco Excel & Co.: (Tattoo & Art)
Paul Booth: (New York City)
Phil Holt: (Tattoos & Paintings)
Robert Hernandez: (Vittamin, Madrid/Spain)
Sabine Gaffron: (Berlin & Zurich)
Shad: (Belgium - great Japanese style tattoos!)
Spider Webb: (Legendary Tattoo Artist & Author)
Tattoo Artist Mag: (For Tattooists only)
Tattoo City San Francisco: (Don Ed Hardy's Studio) (Great Links Section)! (Yellow Pages, Conventions)
The Dutchman: (Canada)
Theo Jak: (Sweden)
Tomas Garcia: (All Over The Place)
Valentin Steimann: (Great Tattoo Artist! Switzerland)
Wido de Marval: (The Leu Family's Family Iron)

Alex Reinke, aka Horikitsune, Horiyoshi III 3 Family

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