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43 Folders (Productivity Tricks, Tips & Hacks)
Arsenal FC (The Gunners Rule - through thick and thin!)
Drahdiwaberl (Mad Cult Band from Vienna / Austria)
Drummer World (Drummer's Resource)
Frank Black & The Catholics (Frank of Pixies fame - great music!)
Frank Zappa (The One & Only - RIP)
Massuri Design (Stylish Clothing & Jewellery)
Iron Maiden
(The Dukes of Heavy Metal)
Japan Guide (Info on all things Japan)
Hikyaku (Japanese History & Traditions Dictionary)
Jeff Mills / Axis Records (God of Techno Music)
John Zorn's Tzadik Label (Great works by great musicians)
Macintosh (Apple) OS X Hints (Death to Micro$oft)
ManWoman / Friends Of The Swastika (The Power of a Symbol)
Monster Magnet (Poser/Monster Rock - got to love it!)
Nehaflix (Online Shop for Indian DVDs & Audio CDs)
Normal Bob Smith (Some Entertaining Shit!)
Placebo (One of the best bands in the world!)
Public Enemy (Chuck D & Co.)
Suicide Girls (Cool Chicks)
Takeshi Kitano / Office Kitano (One of today's best film directors)
Terry Bozzio (A drummer? Is he still human?)
The Church Of Satan (Some input is great, some I disagree with)
The Cure (A bit of nostalgia; still a great band - minus the "drummer".)
The Cure / A Chain Of Flowers (Up to date info / audio downloads)
The Economist (On the conservative side, but outstanding journalism)
The Stone Music Club NYC (John Zorn & Cohorts)
Underground Resistance (Detroit Techno Guerilla)
Vegan Online Resource (Time To Reconsider Eating Habits)
XPloited Cinema (Fantastic selection of DVDs from all over the world)

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normal bob

Michael Moore - great filmmaker, great influence...

kill allen wrench! punk rock superstar...
(Kill Allen Wrench: great concept/marketing - and *good* music! Don't take it too seriously.) recommended webhost!

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