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A big thank you to each and every person on this planet
who helps keep the Tattoo Spirit alive for the right reasons
(according to my not-exactly-objective rules ;-))...

A special shout out to all my friends who have over the
years supported me, criticized me, and encouraged me to
invest a lot of energy into this project (in alphabetical order):

My Europe & USA Gumi:
Alex, Anna, Butto, Daniel, Daniela, Edith, Erik, Federico, Ka-
tja, Knolle, Lili, Louis, Mark, Martin, my Mia, Mick, Tätu Nätu,
Rudi, Sabine, Sigi, Simone, Pete (Carter USM), Petra, Wolfi
(with Marlene & Ida), Zeno.

My Bangkok Posse:
Ann, Jane, Jariya, Mista John, Ranee, Rena, Reto, Ricky,

My (99 %) Blood Posse:
Daisy, Erna, Joël (welcome to the world! April 2005), Lloyd,
Patrice sen., Petra, Thierry.

Thanks also to those of you who've worked on my own pers-
onal body beautification (not an easy task! ;-)):
Hollywood Mark, Mick, Ernesto (Borneo Headhunters), Monk
from Nakhon Pathom temple, Horikitsune (Alex) & Erik Rieth.

Audio Support:
Arnold Schoenberg, Anton Webern, Claude Debussy, Danny
Tenaglia, Edgar Varèse, Elvis, Frank Black & The Catholics,
Giacinto Scelsi, Iron Maiden, John Zorn, Joy Division, Naked
City, Masada, Monster Magnet, Painkiller, Placebo, The Cure,
The Pixies, The Sharp Boys, Tim Sparks, ...

This site is dedicated to Kannon, The Great Omi, and my be-
loved Rosa (RIP).

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