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Tattoo-Source is not an organisation.
I am a one man operation, have been collecting tattoo books
and - mainly Japanese - tattoo magazines for quite a few years
now, accumulating a bit of knowledge and information, as well
as developing strategies to hunt hard to find things down.

The Eagle will guide you around my tattoo library, where you
can find reviews on tattoo-related publications I feel it is wise
to spend your money on. (Unless otherwise noted, of course.)
This review section, by the way, is updated on a very regular
basis, so keep checking back! (Or subscribe to the Tattoo-So-
urce Newsletter.)

The Swallow you can follow to fly around the tattoo magazin-
es and books shop. Apart from the Japanese magazines and
the rare books, I am offering some very exclusive tattoo pub-
lications. Check them out!

The USN Lady will assist you with all Tattoo-Source backoffice

The Skull can guide you away from this ocean of tattoo, or
give you some more Tattoo-Source site info.

If you don't want to miss any site updates, added reviews,
new publications, or other interesting news, do yourself a fa-
vour and subscribe to the Tattoo-Source Newsletter.

For an overview of the latest tattoo book reviews and upda-
tes: click here.

For random news & the very latest stuff, do please check the
blog and subscribe to the RSS Feed: Tattoo Source Blog

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