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Don Ed Hardy "Tattootime 1 - New Tribalism"

Don Ed Hardy "Tattootime 2: Tattoo Magic"

Don Ed Hardy "Tattootime 3: Music & Sea Tattoos"

Don Ed Hardy "Tattootime 4: Life & Death Tattoos"

Don Ed Hardy "Tattootime 5: Art From The Heart"

Filip Leu "The Dragon Sketch Book Volume II"

Hans Neleman "Moko Maori Tattoo"

Horitaka "Tattooing From Japan To The West: Horitaka Interviews Contemporary

Samuel M. Steward (aka Phil Sparrow) & Phil Andros "Bad Boys And
Tough Tattoos - A Social History Of The Tattoo With Gangs, Sailors
And Street-Corner Punks"

Presto Art (Ed.) "The Art Of Martin LaCasse (Drawings, Paintings, Flash)"

Sharon Thomas "Women's Tattoos Of The Upper Rajang"

Steve Kurzman "Pantang Iban - A Description And Analysis Of Iban Tattooing"

The Japan Tattoo Institute "Japan's Tattoo Artists - Horihide's World"

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