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  Don Ed Hardy (Editor): Tattootime 1 - New Tribalism
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Just what and where would today's world of tat-
tooing be without the vision, artistry, determina-
tion and influence of Don Ed Hardy?

Way before tattoo artist was considered a glam-
orous profession, he was taking things to a new

"Tattootime 1: New Tribalism" came out in 1982
(!), covering pre-technology aspects of tattooing,
traditional tattoo styles and patterns of Samoa
and Borneo, the history of the Swastika, plus pr-
ofiles of two legends: Paul Rogers, as well as the
one and only Sailor Jerry Collins. It also introduc-
ed one of (modern) tribal tattoos' most influenti-
al figures: Leo Zulueta; not only is some of his
work covered, but he also contributed as a writer.

At the end of each article there are extensive re-
commendations for further reading. Those alone
make Tattootime invaluable, but each one of
them is a must-have for any serious tattoo book
collector anyways.

It is a shame that in total only five Tattootime
issues ever saw the light of day.

At the time of writing (January 2005) Don Ed Ha-
rdy's street shop Tattoo City San Francisco still
has copies of Tattootime 2 "Tattoo Magic", Tat-
tootime 3 "Music & Sea Tattoos",
as well as Tat-
tootime 5 "Art From The Heart"
up for grabs. In
fact, they carry all Hardy Marks publications, plus
some other cool tattoo books.

I do every now and then come across second
hand copies of Tattootime 1 "New Tribalism",
reviewed here, and Tattootime 4 "Life And
Death Tattoos".
Due to their popularity, not al-
ways at a cheap price.

If you want to know more, drop me a line via
the Contact Form.

Don Ed Hardy - Tattootime 1: New Tribalism
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