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  Donald Richie & Ian Buruma: The Japanese Tattoo
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This is one of *the* Japanese Tattoo classics in the English
language, an absolute must-have! It covers subjects such as
Japanese tattoo history, psychological aspects of tattooing
and meanings of motifs. A very good starting point into Hor-
imono / Irezumi. The photographs are not great, but nice to
look at nevertheless.

Donald Richie is one of the most knowledgeable Japanolo-
gists alive today. As a soldier he was part of the US occupa-
tion forces in Japan - and has lived there ever since. He is a
specialist on Japanese films, and has published dozens of
books on all things Japanese. I have not yet read anything
by him that I did not like!

Ian Buruma, the photographer for this publication, is more
widely known as a writer, specializing in all things Asian. He
also has a very interesting history, and plenty of good books
under his belt. I can recommend his "A Japanese Mirror", a
non tattoo-related title.

Don Ed Hardy, by the way, interviewed Donald Richie in
" Tattootime 4 - Life and Death Tattoos".

I once read that one of the reprints of "The Japanese
Tattoo" came in hardcover. I have yet to see a copy.

Donald Richie & Ian Buruma The Japanese Tattoo

Size: 26 x 18,5 cm
120 pages
Published by
in 1997
(Reprint Edition)

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