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  Sandi Fellman: The Japanese Tattoo
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The second one in this category that I label a classic
and a must-have.

In the mid-1980s, photographer Sandi Fellman deci-
ded she wanted to produce a series of "Japanese
bodysuit tattoos" pictures. Little did she know that
this would be quite an adventure, since at the time
full-body tattoos were still very much a Yakuza (Ja-
panese mafia) thing. An underworld society known
to be rather secretive.

Luckily, she succeeded, met the right people, won
their trust, and presented us this fantastic Japa-
nese tattoo publication!

You will find works of tebori (traditional Japanese
hand tattooing) masters that had never been publi-
shed in the West before - and never again after!
The big exception being Mister Yoshihito Nakano -
aka Horiyoshi III from Yokohama. Not only will you
see works from his - in my eyes - golden period, but
also his own beautiful bodysuit. (Featured on the
cover - see on the right hand side.)

The foucs, though, is on the very nice traditional
style of Horikin I (Mitsuaki Ohwada).

There is also a couple of pages of "painful looking":
tattooed penises. If you are searching for inspira-
tion in that field: love the idea of the turtle...

The photographs were taken with a huge Polaroid
camera (so big in fact that only half a dozen were
ever manufactured!), and are reproduced in large
format here. At this cover price: no excuses - buy

Sandi Fellman: The Japanese Tattoo

Size: 30,5 x 25,2 cm
112 pages
Published by
Abbeville Press
in 1988
(Reprint Edition)

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