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  Horitaka: Bushido - Legacies Of The Japanese Tattoo
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You do not have this book yet? You got to be joking...

"Bushido - Legacies of the Japanese Tattoo" put Horitaka
(an apprentice of the great Horimono master Horiyoshi III
from Yokohama/Japan) on the tattoo map, and more or
less became a classic the day it was printed.

There is some historical background on Japanese tattoo-
ing, which is definitely interesting to the novice.

I was personally grateful for the chapter with explanati-
ons (including illustrations) on all the traditional bodysu-
it "layout" styles: from the traditional one that can easi-
ly be covered by wearing a kimono, to the full-on compl-
ete bodysuit, and everything in-between.

The extensive collection of tattoo images exclusively co-
vers Horiyoshi III's works. Most of it breathtaking, it al-
most goes without saying.

Great introduction to both, the world of Irezumi / Hori-
mono, as well as the world of Horiyoshi III.

Horitaka: Bushido - Legacies Of The Japanese Tattoo

Size: 8,5" x 11"
160 pages
220 colour photos
32 b/w photos
Published by
Schiffer Publishing
in 2002

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