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  Horiyoshi III: The Namakubi by Horiyoshi III
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This is the one everyone has been waiting for.

Horiyoshi III and his current favourite subject: chopped off
heads. Tasty! (See some preview images right here!)

Some of us have been fortunate enough to see some of
the work of this book previewed in Tattoo Burst Magazine
and also at an exhibition at the Milano Tattoo Convention
in 2003.

A more in-depth review as soon as I get my copy of this

Check out some of the designs right here: click & enjoy.

Can be ordered from:
Holy Fox Tattoos (European market)
Tattoo City San Francisco (American market)

Horiyoshi III Family member Alex Reinke (Horikitsune, Holy
Fox Tattoos)
represents the family at some of the European
conventions, where he sometimes has copies for sale. For
dates, and to make arrangements if you want to experience
tebori (traditional Japanese hand tattooing) check his web-
site - click here.

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