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  Horiyoshi III & Takashi Kashiwagi: Wanzakure - The Road To Shisei
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"Wanzakure - The Road To Shisei" is not only
available as a book, but also as a video!

This publication covers the development of a wo-
man's dragon backpiece from start to finish. Alto-
gether, it took tebori Master Horiyoshi III fifteen
hours, divided into 18 sessions, to complete the
dragon. As has more or less become the norm,
the outlines were not done by tebori, but by tat-
too machine.

I am personally more into Horiyoshi III's older
work, but still it is very interesting to be able to
see one of his masterpieces take shape.

The thing that struck me most was the fact that
contrary to popular belief, the dragon's pupils
were not the finishing touch of the tattoo! Ap-
parently, that practice is only common in Chin-
ese painting.

"Wanzakure - The Road To Shisei" can be ord-
ered from:

Holy Fox Tattoos
(European market)
Tattoo City San Francisco (American market)

Horiyoshi III / Yoshihito Nakano: Wanzakure - The Road To Shisei

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