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  W. R. van Gulik: Irezumi - The Pattern Of Dermatography In Japan
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If someone read this book's title aloud, another per-
son present might well say "bless you". And that fee-
ling might persist.

Mister van Gulik took an *extremely* scientific look at
Japanese tattooing. My friends know me as a die-hard
bookworm whose heart cannot possibly skip over one
page in a book, and who just has to finish it once he
started reading. I herewith confess that I did not ma-
nage to struggle through to the end of this one. Gave
up about 78 % into it.

At the time of writing (November 2003) I am on the
road, and have a hard time remembering its contents.
(Will update re: content as soon as I am back home.)

There is one section about Ainu (Japan's indigenous
people) tattooing, and an extensive discourse - inclu-
ding several diagrams - on the Edo (present day
Tokyo) period firefighters in relation to Japanese

Out of print, but I sometimes come across a copy. If
you are interested, let me know through the Contact

W. R. van Gulik: Irezumi - The Pattern of Dermatography in Japan
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