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  Miki Vialetto (Ed.): The Wooden Folder - Oriental
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This is an absolutely fantastic collection of big sized prints,
exclusively created for this project and never before publi-
shed, presented in a nice wooden folder. Most of the works
are suitable for being framed and put up on the wall.

The imagery is mainly based on Oriental styles (Thailand,
Burma, China, Japan) - but I do feel that the latter is pre-

Most of today's leading tattoo artists are represented: Mick
Tattoo, The Leu Family's Family Iron (Filip Leu, Titine Leu,
Wido de Marval, Rinzing), Horiyoshi III Family (Yoshihito
Nakano, Alex "Horikitsune" Reinke, Horitaka), Don Ed Har-
Shad, Luke Atkinson, Erik Rieth, Horitomo, Hideo, Mike
Roper, Theo Jak, Tim Lehi, Grime, Sabine Gaffron, George
Campise, Mike Rubendall, Shige, and many, many more.

Another winner here from Miki Vialetto, the guy behind
Tattoo Life Magazine and the fantastic Milano Tattoo Con-

I guess that this limited edition will sell out a lot quicker
than "Art Of The Mark".

Part 2 of the Wooden Folder, "Traditional", will be avai-
lable from March 2005.

More details on both Wooden Folders can be found here:

Miki Vialetto / Tattoo Life: Flash - The Art Of The Mark

53 prints
color & b/w
in a wooden
Size: 40 x 60 cm
(15,75 x 23,62 in)
Limited Edition:
1000 copies
(+200 artist copies)
Euro / USD 270
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