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  Herbert Hoffmann: Bilderbuchmenschen / Living Picturebooks
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Let's get this out of the way: many of my friends have said that
this publication simply is one of the best tattoo books published
in a long time. I agree.

Herbert Hoffmann was attracted to tattooed people very early
in his life. Luckily, for our community, he did his utmost to be-
come friends with those men and women, winning their trust,
and (in many cases years later!) gaining permission to take
pictures of them. Bear in mind that in the early 20th century,
tattooing was seen as something for low-lifes and criminals
only, so this was quite an achievement!

One of the most refreshing things here is the fact that none of
the pics were taken in a studio (unlike today's "norm"), but in
the subjects' natural surroundings. Hoffmann, without realizing
it at the time, put together an ethnographic record of the Ger-
man working class in the last century!

Thanks to Memoria Pulp for making this collection available!
Support their cause, buy your copy directly from them! Click

Update October 2004: The full length documentary "Flamme-
nd Herz" featuring Herbert Hoffmann and two of his tattooed
old-timer friends is now showing in parts of Europe. For more
info check the film's site: I've
had the pleasure of attending one of Hoffmann's lectures -
he is such a great story teller, I am sure this film will be very

Herbert Hoffmann: Bilderbuchmenschen

German / English
Edited by
Oliver Ruts &
Andrea Schuler
Size: 24 x 32,5 cm
280 pages
350+ photos
Published by
Memoria Pulp
in 2002
  Cross Reference:
--> Oettermann
"Christian Warlich"

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