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  Stephan Oettermann: Christian Warlich - Tätowiervorlagen
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The late Christian Warlich is a German tattoo legend
(active even before World War II), who had enough self-
confidence to call himself "König der Tätowierer" ("The
King of Tattooists"). His name is not very widely known
nowadays. Some of you have possibly heard of him as
Herbert Hoffmann's mentor.

"Tätowiervorlagen" (German for Flash) is a small-sized
collection of Warlich's original designs, all in the Sailor/
Old School tradition. The standard I find quite high,
definitely above Hoffmann's "Motivtafeln".

Included is background information on Warlich, com-
piled by Stephan Oettermann, who also edited the
flash section. Unfortunately, German language only!

For some reason I do not understand, only a small-ish
number of this nice book was printed. Same story with
the re-print. So even though this flash collection came
out only about 10 or 15 years ago, it already is hard to
find. I sometimes have extra copies. If you want one,
let me know via the Contact Form.

Christian Warlich: Tätowiervorlagen / Tattoo Flash

Published ca. 1990
  Cross Reference:
--> "Motivtafeln"
--> "Bilderbuch-

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