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  Marco Bratt & Nancy Heimburger: The Sketchbook
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According to the press release, you will find 80 designs
in this sketchbook, all of them exclusive (not available
anywhere else). The usual suspects are present: Filip
Leu and the Leu Family's Family Iron (Felix Leu RIP,
Loretta Leu, Titine Leu, Wido de Marval and Rinzing),
Mick (from Zurich), Theo Jak, etc.

To the editors' credit, there's also plenty of works by
people who've never been published before. I was
personally very curious to see those tattoo artists'
contributions, besides the flash/drawings by and old
fave, Joe Capobianco, my good friend Erik Rieth, and
by all the Japanese contributors: Horitoshi, Myazo,
Chop Stick Tattoo, Horihiro (Fukushima), Horihiro
(Tokyo), and Masashi.

Quite of a few of my mates had positive things to
say about The Sketchbook. My favourite bit - apart
from the sketches by the people who hardly ever fail
to impress - were the artist biogs, provided by each
tattooist himself/herself.

The overall quality, however, I was not too impres-
sed with. Things seem to be getting to the point
where simply too many people want a slice of the
tattoo cake. You have read my praise for Hotei on
other reviews, and I will even still recommend this
book to collectors and for the flash by the well-
known guys/gals - but definitely not everyone re-
presented here deserved their spot, imho.

Marco Bratt: The Sketchbook

184 pages
Published by
Hotei Publishing
in 2003
USD / Euro 69,50
  Cross Reference:
--> Filip Leu
" The Dragon
Sketch Book"
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