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  Filip Leu: The Filip Leu Dragon Sketch Book
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Everybody and their grandmother has by now probably
heard of Filip Leu and The Leu Family's Family Iron. Brought
to prominence by Loretta and the late Felix (RIP), their torch
will most likely shine on for years to come, with clan mem-
bers Rinzing and Wido de Marval leaving more and more of
an impression.

Filip is considered one of the best tattoo artists in the world,
and fully deserves it, I feel. He is incredibly good at every
style he tattoos, his Japanese bodysuits are simply breath-
taking, his technique, his accuracy (and speed!) a cut above
the rest.

I have so far only seen Filip's actual sketches for the book,
but not the publication itself, since it was not available until
after I left Europe to spend some time abroad. I expect it to
be up to the usual quality standard of Tattoo Life books.

Considering that even in Japan Filip Leu is often referred to
as a "master of dragons": how could he have possibly failed
here? Even on a bad day his standard is still extremely

Compare the works represented here with traditional Ja-
panese ukiyo-e (woodblock prints) and Ed Hardy's "Dra-
gon Tattoo Design" to see where artists of Hardy's and
Leu's calibre have taken this timeless and beautiful image!

I recommend you buy this one if you are a working artist,
or generally interested in Japanese tattooing and dragons.
This is a limited edition and will sure become a collector's
item. You will definitely be able to resell it at any time -
should you ever get bored of it... (If you cannot find a
buyer: let me know, I regularly receive requests from pe-
ople who want this book!)

"The Filip Leu Dragon Sketchbook Volume II", btw, was
published in September 2004.

Detailed ordering info, plus pics:

Their main site can be found here:
Tattoo Life Italy

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Limited Edition!
1000 copies,
each signed by
the artist.
210 x 297 cm
45+ Sheets
Published by
Tattoo Life
in 2003
  Cross Reference:
Ed Hardy "Dragon
Tattoo Design"
--> Horiyoshi III
"108 Heroes of
the Suikoden"
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