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  Horiyoshi III: 108 Heroes of the Suikoden
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"108 Heroes of the Suikoden" (aka "The Water Margin") is one
of the classic heroic Japanese tales, based on a Chinese novel.
It was not very popular when its first translation came out,
but after it was published with illustrations by ukiyo-e darling
Kuniyoshi, this changed completely.

For some serious research and to delve deeper into the details,
I feel you have to buy "Of Brigands And Bravery - Kuniyoshi's
Heroes Of The Suikoden" by Inge Klompmakers.

Compare those prints with Horiyoshi III's, and admire the artis-
tic skills of both gentlemen. To further appreciate just how far
Horiyoshi III has taken his mastery, do also compare this work
to his "100 Demons". I am one of the persons who admittedly
prefers his older tattooing style, but his drawing skills are
breathtaking. I totally adore this book!

No, the price is not too high - this is a bargain. Any serious wor-
king artist must have a copy. Over 100 designs you can simply
transfer, plus pure education for your days off...

Order your copy here:
Holy Fox Tattoos (European market)
Tattoo City San Francisco (American market)

Horiyoshi III Family member Alex Reinke (Horikitsune, Holy
Fox Tattoos)
represents the family at some of the European
conventions, where he sometimes has copies for sale. For da-
tes, and to make arrangements if you want to experience te-
bori (traditional Japanese hand tattooing) check his website -
click here.

Horiyoshi III: 108 Heroes of the Suikoden

Japanese / English
215 pages
Published in 2001
  Cross Reference:
Klompmakers "Of
Brigands And Bravery"
(Kuniyoshi's Suikoden)
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