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  Horiyoshi III: 100 Demons
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I must admit that when I first saw this book, I did not under-
stand the images. Now I know I was simply overwhelmed,
bombarded with more information than my brain could absorb.

Nakano, more widely known as Horiyoshi III, is famous for his
tattoo style, which he has been working on constantly and
still keeps taking to new dimensions. You only need to com-
pare his stuff in Fellman's "The Japanese Tattoo", to the more
recent "Bushido - Legacies of the Japanese Tattoo" by Taka-
hiro "Horitaka" Kitamura.

At the same time he is a traditionalist who still devotes a lot
of time to studying the ukiyo-e masters and their works, and
who would never tattoo or publish anything that he cannot
justify historically with any of the findings of his research.

This very large sized book is a collection of, as the title sug-
gests, Demons. Seeing is believing. I could not possibly des-
cribe those fantastic drawings in words!

Agreed, not exactly cheap. Most likely not for you if you are
already happy by seeing any old tattoo magazine. A must-
have for any serious collector though. For working artists,
however, a true bargain. There is tons of stuff you can copy
straight out of this book; apart from it being *very* educa-

Can be ordered from:
Holy Fox Tattoos (European market)
Tattoo City San Francisco (American market)

Horiyoshi III Family member Alex Reinke (Horikitsune, Holy
Fox Tattoos)
represents the family at some of the European
conventions, where he sometimes has copies for sale. For
dates, and to make arrangements if you want to experience
tebori (traditional Japanese hand tattooing) check his web-
site - click here.

Horiyoshi III: 100 Demons

151 pages
Published in 1998
Japanese & English
  Cross Reference:
Clark "Demon
of Painting"
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