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  Filip Leu: The Filip Leu Dragon Sketch Book Volume II
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Since I am still constantly on the road, I hardly get
to see any of the European tattoo magazines.

So it was through my good friend (tattoo artist) Erik
that I found out that "The Filip Leu Dragon
Sketch Book Volume II" was published in 2004 by
Miki Vialetto and Tattoo Life magazine.

Erik Rieth visited Filip Leu and the Leu Family's Fa-
mily Iron (Loretta Leu, Titine Leu, Rinzing and Wi-
do de Marval) in July (2004) and luckily got an ad-
vance copy of "The Dragon Sketch Book Volume II".

According to him, it is "even better than the first
one". So there you have it...

For details, check the link below - and hurry up, it
is also a limited edition!

Review for "The Filip Leu Dragon Sketch Book"
(Volume I) can be accessed by clicking here.

Filip Leu: The Dragon Sketch Book Volume II

Limited Edition!
1000 copies,
each signed by
the artist.
Published by
Tattoo Life in
September 2004

  Cross Reference:
Ed Hardy "Dragon
Tattoo Design"
--> Horiyoshi III
"108 Heroes of
the Suikoden"
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